Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 6

All's well, we woke late since we went to bed late. Just in time for Claire to call and ask up to go to Village Inn for pie or whatever. Since we hadn't eaten at all yet we got food and sat in the booth playing MASH (MASHCO in our case) for what probably was longer than we should have. It was fun, been a long time since I felt comfortable with people like I do here. I mean, it's weird, here I can wear a halter top and not feel out of place or too embarassed to be out. I like this side of me lately, it's been liberating.

After that we went to see Night at the Museum, not bad. Though, not the best movie, but Claire and I got to talk on the way and then a it during the movie. I really like her, I understand where she comes from, I think she's the type of person that's pretty misunderstood generally. I guess that's the type of person I am, I stop and take the time to really listen to someone. Maybe I'm just on an ego trip.

After that, Angela and I went home and made pizza rolls while watching Mamma Mia and the third Pirate's movie. Yes yes, they made me watch them all finally! Not bad movies, I must say, I'll have to buy them at some point. I also applied to the movie theater, we'll see what happens.

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